The Val de Almadic, South of Benichembla, is relatively undiscovered and still has a feel of remoteness and peace. It is bounded on the S.E. by a massive, craggy, escarpment rising nearly sheer some 600 meters and cut by several dramatic “cleft” barrancos, which, after an exceptional downpour, would create waterfalls. To the NW the mountain rises less steeply and levels out to the “hill like” summit of Cocoll, (1048m), which only reveals its mountainous nature by its stupendous cliffs descending 600 meters into the Barranco de Dalt, to the West.

This walk takes you up the gentler N side of the valley to the Collado de Mirabo and then on an unfrequented, sometimes poor, path with constant views of the escarpment to the South and on to the Airstrip just below Cocoll summit. This is followed by a rough path down the head of the Barranco Almadic and a welcome relaxed walk along a good track ending with a short mule path, pretty fuente and, stretch of road back to your start.
The walk verges on hard, certainly if the ascent of Cocoll is included, however it can be eased as described below.
Occasionally Bulls graze the walk. They do not like dogs.

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