This is a varied circular walk up to Portall de Lopez, the pass over the long jagged spine of rock forming Monte Castellet, and then down into pine woods clothing its northern slopes. Not very high but as it is in the center of a range of mountains curving from Puig Campana to Aitana there are excellent varied views. The total ascent is conveniently divided into several climbs. The start is an easy one along roads followed by a 285-meter main ascent to the pass and then several lesser climbs through the woods to end with an amble back to the start. After the pass lots of shade helps on hot sunny days.

Roads 20%. Tracks 35% all good. Paths 45% medium. Some tracks muddy after heavy rain.

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  1. Early in this walk you turn right at a large wooden casa to a casa with a horses head on the gable.
    Now the owner of this wooden casa has fitted huge metal gates across this route and they are securely locked making them impassable.
    There is a difficult way around this which involves back tracking and some possible trespass.