The ascent of Cau (724m) can be made up the ridge starting at its N end, but the writer prefers an indirect approach up the spectacular Barranco del Cau, or even the less dramatic route up the Barranco Carretes. Then up to the summit of Cau followed by the long gradual descent along the ridge, which provides excellent views.

The ravine of Barranco del Cau should not be missed if possible but it is somewhat vertiginous and occasionally steep so is safer to ASCEND rather than descend. The barranco is characterized by an old water pipe supplying Jalon from the upland springs with a series of small concrete huts, which seem to be a type of filtration system. The ascent via the Barranco Carretes, though a few meters more climb, is somewhat easier. Even if Cau itself is not climbed an excellent, easier walk is to walk up the Barranco del Cau and down the Barranco Carretes.

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