Puig Campana Circuit

Puig Campana towering to 1,408 meters above the nearby Mediterranean, while not being as high as Aitana is the archetypal mountain. Impressive from every side ranging from its "volcano" like aspect from the east to the massive shear crags on the south and west As such it is much visited; by the very energetic to make the asent by rock climbers to ascend its cliffs and for the less energetic to make this circuit. Consequently, except for the first few minutes, which makes "interesting" path finding, the path is virtually unmissable. This gives time to appreciate the succession of mountain spectaculars from the superb crescent of Monte Castellet, backed by Aitana to the NW, then Sanchet and Ponoch to the N, and on round south to look down on the overdeveloped coastal plain relieved by the clear blue of the Mediterranean beyond. Despite being a "Protected Area" this did not prevent an extensive forest fire in March 2006, which has blighted some 2km of the circuit path until vegetation has had time to regenerate. To avoid this I have described an alternative three quarter circuit, which involves a pleasant 4km walk along a surfaced road and some intricate "path finding". Still an excellent walk. This 4km can be avoided if you have enough cars to leave one at the car park at Font Moli to shuttle the drivers back to their cars. This would make the alternative walk some 10 mins shorter and with 80 meters less ascent than the complete circuit There is a very pleasant restaurant / bar at Font Moli and a good "Spanish" bar, "Moii Dos" in Finestraat.

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