Sierra Hilada Circuit

The Sierra Helada is a deceptive mountain. Seen from the normal, landward, side it seems a long gently undulating mound, which only just qualifies as a mountain at its NE end. The landward slopes are interspersed by forested barrancas, quarries, the Depuradora, (sewage treatment plant), & housing developments, all crisscrossed by paths, tracks & roads. From the other, seaward, side it shows its aggressive aspect of some 4 km of steeply undulating cliffs, which plunge some 375 meters into the Mediterranean. Consequently this walk varies from the 400m climb at the start followed by a clear but rough path along some 3km of steeply undulating cliff edge, (another 275m ascent and 350m descent), before returning to Albir along ^variety of paths, tracks and roads through pinewoods entailing another 120m of ascent and 445m of descent to the Start Similar to the ascent & descent involved in climbing the highest mountain in England! The return involves careful path finding, helped by a series of cairns & red dots and takes approx two hours. For those preferring an easier option continue along the cliffs to Benidonn & take a taxi or bus back to Albir.
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