Sierra Aixorta circuit

This is a particularly satisfying and interesting walk once the possible obstacle of accessibility to the start is overcome. It is a high level walk both snowier in winter and slightly cooler in summer. The non stop succession of views is superb and on a really clear day the islands of Formentera and Ibiza are visible some 100 km to the E.N.E. Font Tejo (Dels Teixos) is a delight, particularly on a hot day as it combines a north face, shady trees and cool water. A hut in which to shelter generally seems to be open and makes it a very pleasant place to wait while the less relaxed of the party climb the summit. The ascent of Cerro de Parados from here is fun and not too arduous and rewarded with vertiginous views and an optional short “ridge scramble” to the W. Subsequent visits to the Nevera, (ice pit), and Morro Blau are interesting and there is the challenge of pathfinding to and from Font Major to come. At the end the cave’ (ice pit?), is curious and well worth an “end of walk” push.

This could be made into an easy, but still very satisfying, walk by missing out the summit and taking the short cut indicated later.
A local bar would create perfection but Castells and Tarbena are not far.

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  1. michael- whata wonderful thing you have done in compiling these!
    My family- with 4 childern aged 9-16 and 2 fit grandparents in their 60's are planning to travel to spain this august- could you suggest a town to use as a jumping off point to enjoy some of these?