A very pleasant walk in the distinctive Sella/Relleu countryside. Dramatic views especially on the higher route from Relleu to Sella from which the entire range from Aitana to Campana and on to the sea appears particularly dramatic.

75% on good tracks, 15 % on good mule paths, one short semi scramble up a pathlet up old bancales and 75 meters along a tarmac road.
This circuit can be varied by parking and starting from the cemetery at Relleu. (See later), This is 30 mins longer involving either walking further along the tarmac road back to the cemetery, or finding a way along the track to Casa del Figeral, or walking up the track and then down the mule path you started up from Relleu, ( My preference). See Map.
Could be muddy within 2/3 days of heavy rain.

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