Into a local “Grand” canyon, not quite as large, long or deep, but grand enough and similar in that you start off high and walk down low, meanwhile trying not to forget the extent of the climb back up. Starting from the remote mountain village of Benimaurell, along a charming, winding country lane to near Fleix and then down a beautifully engineered old “mozarabic” mule path, once one of the country’s main roads, to the usually dry bed of the Riu Ebo.

Becoming wilder and less frequented as you walk “upstream” along a path and streambed into the ever-narrowing spectacular gorge of l’ Infern. Finally blocked to walkers by a series of high, narrow usually dry waterfalls and pools. Then back a bit and a steep climb out of the gorge up a poor path to join another mule path, which takes you in easy zig, zags up 200 meters to the top of seemingly unscalable cliffs. From now on easy walking to Font d’els Olbi and down the surfaced road to Benimaurell and the Oasis Bar or the nearby new “walkers” hotel.

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