Sierra Bernia Circuit

This is a popular walk and deservedly so. It is a circuit encompassing the main part of the Sierra but excluding its Eastern end. Starting at an altitude of 650 meters gets you into easy contact with the higher part of the mountain. Yet the walk is quite challenging involving some easy short rock scrambles, short traverses across or slightly up scree, some steep climbs and a 30-meter long semi stoop/ crawl through the "Forat”. Views are magnificent especially from the Fort onwards. The ruined Fort is interesting and the "Forat” is a curious feature. This is a tunnel through the "rock spine" of the Sierra some 30 meters long and in part approx a meter high and wide, not claustrophobic as daylight shines through and taken with care, no hazards. Sometimes muddy.

In my opinion the better way around this walk is clockwise but an equally convenient stating point is from The Bernia Inn at Bancal Larga. This has the advantage of several restaurants at the end. The way described has the bars and restaurants of Altea La Vieja to look forward to.

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  1. Fantastic. Just completed this with my wife and children (10 yr old and 7yr old boys). Pretty challenging for the kids (10 km hike and steep/rocky in parts), but they loved it...especially encountering mountain goats and the tunnel through the mountain. What a great day out. We feel totally exhillarated!! P.s. i'm not suggesting this walk is suitable for young children unless they are pretty hardy and carefree!!